Working Holiday Visa

An Australian Working Holiday Visa allows you to stay in Australia on a holiday spree while working over there as long as you stay, at the same time studying a substantial course such as English language etc. There are a couple of subcategories related to a Working Visa Australia, which are meant to serve different types of purposes for travellers who want to explore the entire of Australia while working at the same to fund the expenses related to the trip.

So, if you are also planning to come to Australia at the same time earn some money, then applying for a working holiday visa must be your ultimate consideration. Australia is offering such visas to all those applicants who are equally passionate about earning and touring as well. So, you can also apply for an Australian working holiday visa today and use it most effectively.


Work and Holiday Visa 462

The work and holiday visa subclass 462 is meant for all those people who want an extended holiday in Australia, at the same time work there for funding it. You must not be accompanied by any of your children with this particular visa.


Working Holiday Visa 417

The working holiday visa 417 allows you to stay in Australia on a holiday spree for the next 12 months and gets you the provision of an extended holiday. You can also work in Australia to fund the expenses related to your entire Australian holiday trip.

Requirements of Working Holiday Visa

Before applying for any of the work and holiday visas mentioned above, you need to meet a few of the basic requirements in the proper and expected way. This in return makes the entire visa application procedure easy and simple for you. So, before you commence the application process, it’s better to take a quick look at some of these requirements.

  • You must be between 18 to 30 years old
  • You must be the holder of a valid passport from an eligible country which allows you to apply for any of the working holiday visas mentioned above
  • You must not be accompanied by any of your children when you come to Australia with this particular visa
  • You must be outside Australia while applying for any of the work and holiday visa categories mentioned above
  • You must meet the concerned health requirements needed by the Australian immigration department. This requires you to show a substantial health insurance cover which you have


If you want to avail the benefits of either of the work and holiday visas in Australia, make sure that you have met all these visa application requirements mentioned above. In certain occasions you might also have to prove adequate monetary fund to the Australian department of home affairs.

Required Documents

While applying for any of the said work and holiday visas, you also need to submit a few of the following documents without a failure. By doing so, you will not only be able to prove that you are completely eligible to apply for your work and holiday visa, but, at the same time ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip to Australia. Some of these documents are:

  • A substantial evidence which proves your name in case you have got a name change recently.
  • All the essential documents comprising your discharge papers in case you have served in the army segment of any particular nation.
  • Two of your passport sized photos with your name printed on their back.
  • All the essential documents related to your personal details. This includes your valid birth certificate including your parents’ signature in it. This proves your date of birth as well as your current age.

So, if you also want to apply for either of visas successfully, you have to submit these documents without a failure. Apart from these, documents which prove that you are financially solvent enough to meet all your essential expenses during your entire holiday spree in Australia might also be required. These will be determined only after your initial assessment with the consultants at Studyroo.

How Studyroo Helps You to Get Working Holiday Visa?

If you also want to apply for an Australian work and holiday visa, then contact Studyroo, for, it is one of the most reputed education consultant in Australia. Right from documents collection to visa application, you can expect a comprehensive range of services from us. We will make sure that entire process is carried out smoothly!