Who We Are

Studyroo is a trusted Education Consultant working with the experienced professional agents to guide the international students to get an enrolment into the best institution in Australia that is recognized worldwide and provides ultimate qualifications according to student’s needs and desires.

Studyroo is an international educational consultancy operating globally in the markets of different countries like Australia, Hongkong, Taiwan, Germany, Poland, Italy, Ukraine, Spain, France, Norway to advise students on their best and bright future pathways. We have our offices in certain countries like Australia and Poland and having our agents working in many different countries.

Our agents are dedicated to connecting the deserving an desiring students with the right and most appropriate study opportunities where they should invest their time to gain the most fruitful future. Not only the desired courses, but our agents have got it all for you. From the selection of the best courses to getting the best career guidance and employment opportunity, our expert education consultants will do all for you.

Certificates of Quality

Studyroo is affiliated with the different certificates of quality which makes us even more trustworthy and a credible source where students can come and discuss their future aims and goals. The different certificates of Quality involve but is not limited to:

Our Associations

Studyroo Education consultants represents various Vocational Training Institutes, CRICOS registered institutes , English courses institutions, institutions providing full-time courses from the different regions of Australia like Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and many more.

So, if you are looking towards a bright future for yourself, consult our proficient team today!