Family Visa

An Australian Family Visa allows a parent or parents to stay in Australia permanently to accompany their offspring, only if he/she is a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. A Family Visa Australia is also applicable to all those parents whose child is a legally valid citizen of New Zealand. If you also want to apply for an Australian family visa, you need to be sponsored by your child who is staying Australia. Besides, there are different sub categories of an Australian family visa, depending upon your individual needs and requirements. If you want to apply for any of its visa categories, you need to meet the eligibility criteria related to it. Some visas allow you to stay in Australia temporarily while others allow you to obtain a permanent residency in Australia. Partners, children, dependent parents or dependent relatives of an Australian citizen can apply for an Australian visa.


Partner Visa Australia

The partner visa Australia chiefly includes the visa subclass 820 and 801. Both these visas allow the partner or spouse of an Australian or New Zealand citizen or that of an Australian permanent resident to reside in Australia either temporarily or permanently.


Parent Visa Australia

The parent visa Australia includes the visa subclass 173 and 143 and allow parents to live with their children in Australia, if their child is a permanent Australian or New Zealand citizen or that of a permanent resident of Australia and doesn’t offer a renewal or extension.

Basic Requirements of Family Visa

So, now that you know that what a family visa is all about and what are its different subcategories, it’s time that you take a look at some of the basic requirements which you need to meet to apply for an Australian family visa successfully. Some of these requirements can be considered below:

  • You must meet all the concerned health and character requirements properly
  • You must show adequate evidence that prove the genuineness of your relationship
  • You must be sponsored by your concerned family member
  • You need to be the genuine visitor to Australia
  • You must not owe any debt to the Australian government and if there is any, you must have paid it back before applying
  • You need to show to the Australian immigration that you are financially solvent enough to meet all your essential expenses during your entire stay in Australia.

You need to meet all these eligibility criteria in the proper and expected way if you also want to apply for any of these Australian family visas successfully. On the contrary, if you fail to meet any of these criteria, your Australian family visa will not be accepted.

Required Documents

Beside some of the requirements which have to be met properly to apply for an Australian family visa, some of the basic documents, which you need to submit, are:

  • A valid passport
  • A copy of all the pages of your passport
  • Proper character documents
  • Documents which prove that you are a genuine visitor to Australia
  • A properly filled application form Documents which prove your personal details (these include your name, date of birth, passport details and few things more)

If you also want to come to Australia with any of the said Australian family visas, then these are some of the basic documents which you need to submit without a failure. Additionally, you might also require to state about your monetary solvency during your entire stay in Australia.

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